www.office.com/setup - Activate office setup with product key

www.office.com/setup – Activate office setup with product key

Beginner’s guide
to activate Office setup

Learn the basics to activate office setup using the product activation key without errors.

www.office.com/setup – Activate office setup with product key

Microsoft Office software like no other that has provided the best-known applications and tools for business productivity and everyday use. The software needs no explanation when it comes to defining each application individually. The all in one productivity suites of Microsoft Office includes MS Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, OneDrive, Outlook, and so on. To use all such productivity apps one just needs to have the office product key and he is all set to explore the varied services of Office. Microsoft has also provided a URL through which you can do anything that is related to Office i.e. office.com/setup. From account creation to performing Office setup procedure, you just need to visit this website.


  1. 1) An overview to download Office setup
  2. 2) Now, type “office.com/setup” in the search bar and hit Enter.
  3. 3) After this, click on the “Sign In” button if you have an existing Microsoft account.
  4. 4) Tap ‘Create a new account’ to sign up.
  5. 5) After a successful login, you will see two options i.e. Buy MS Office or Start Office Trial.
  6. 6) Choose the desired option and wait until the download process goes on.

Microsoft Office setup Activation guidelines

This is the final stage towards deploying Office for the first time. In this stage, you need to activate the installed setup using the Office product key. This product key is 25 digits long activation code that is in alphanumeric format and needs to be entered in the same manner as it is visible. There are two ways to get it and one of them is purchasing it from the retail store. Another way is to buy it from the online store or via the official website i.e. office.com/setup. So, here are three ways to activate the installed software:

Using Office product key

  1. 1) Open Word or any other Office application.
  2. 2) After opening the app, click on Activate.
  3. 3) Now, you have to enter the Office product key in the given activate space.
  4. 4) Upon entering the product key, click Continue.
  5. 5) Further, click on “Redeem Online” and complete the Microsoft login.
  6. 6) Finally, click on ‘Finish activation’ and you are done.

How to uninstall Microsoft Office from device?

Sometimes, you need to uninstall Office because you want to install the latest version of Office on your device. Here’s how you can uninstall Office:

  1. 1) Open your Windows device and click on the Start button.
  2. 2) From the Start menu, open the Control Panel.
  3. 3) When it opens, select the Programs option
  4. 4) After this, choose ‘Programs & Features’.
  5. 5) Further, you need to locate the older version of Microsoft Office.
  6. 6) Right-click on it and select ‘Uninstall’ and you are done.

Do not forget to reinstall the latest version of the Office to continue using the endless services of Microsoft office.

How do I reinstall Microsoft Office?

To reinstall Office you need to follow the procedure completely from the download process to the activation process in the same manner as mentioned above. Make sure you use the updated version to enjoy the latest services and features offered by Microsoft.

  1. 1) Go to setup.office.com
  2. 2) Log in to your account associated with Microsoft
  3. 3) Choose your Office product and click Download
  4. 4) Enter the Office product key
  5. 5) You are all set to use your Office product now

Microsoft Office is available in various versions such as Office 365, Office 2019, Office 2016, Office 2013, and so on. Look for the product specifications and details to choose the best product for you.


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