Scan multiple pages simultaneously with OneDrive mobile app

Since most of us are working from home these days and hence a lot of people do not have access to types of equipment used in the office. The most important ones i.e. printers and scanners are badly needed by the employees.

The lack of such sort of equipment is making their work a little harder as compared to the office. 

Keeping this mind, Microsoft has introduced a multi-page scanning feature for its OneDrive users. Now, you might be thinking what multi-page scanning in OneDrive is?

So, let me tell you that it is a free scanning feature that is available in the OneDrive mobile app. If you use it you will get to utilize the scanning functionality that performs the function of any scanner available in the market. 

If you wish to get a digital copy of a physical document, this app lets you do so without having to do much. The physical document might include receipts, photos, documents, and more.

In fact, you can also scan business cards and whiteboards by just using the app and the camera of your phone. 

Fortunately, the feature was earlier available only for Microsoft 365 users but now you can easily enjoy it even from your OneDrive personal account. 

When you complete the scanning work, the app converts the scanned file into a PDF file. The users can save the file, share it, or do whatever they wish to do with it. The scanned file can also be edited and accessed from any device and any location. 

Next up, I’m going to share some tips with you which may prove to be helpful for scanning the docs with OneDrive app.

Tips for a better scanning experience

Scanning an old photograph and sharing it with friends and family was never an easier task before. 

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Moreover, if you wish to upload or submit the daily task of your child, you can scan his handwritten tasks quite easily. 

In addition to scanning, you may also scan, sign, and share the doc file and for this, you need to first scan the document, and then tap the ‘Pencil’ icon. Using the same pencil, you can write on the document. After this, you just have to save it and share it straight from the app. 

Other than this, keeping the digital copies of your receipts in the receipts folder and capturing the whiteboards notes is as easy as you do it with an actual scanner. 

When you wish to scan a lot of business cards, then this app can be your lifesaver and keep essential docs secured in OneDrive Personal Vault. 

Now, we shall discuss the minimum device requirements for using this app. 

What do you need to use the OneDrive app?

As said earlier also, everyone has an iPhone or iOS device that can avail this feature barring a few.

All you need to have is an OneDrive account on which you can download the latest version of the OneDrive app. Your Android device should be running on an operating system OneDrive app on Android 6.5 or higher. And, for the iPhone users, the operating should be 11.31.5 or higher. 

Lastly, one more important thing you should know is that the maximum limit for scanning pages at a single time is 10. 

For example, to use the app, you need to open it and tap on the Scan icon followed by the type of document, card, or whiteboard you are scanning. To edit it, use the pencil option and to save it in your folder, tap ‘Save’.

Finally, you’ll be able to use the OneDrive app without any hurdle because of its user-friendly interface.

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