How to record Skype calls and manage them on your device?

It is very easy to record  Skype calls but you need to make sure everyone knows and agrees to be recorded. Fortunately, Skype is making it very easy to maintain everyone’s privacy. Before you record a Skype call, the skype application reminds everyone that their calls are being recorded. You can record the Skype calls as the application is available in the Skype version 8.0. and it applies to the desktop, web, and some of the mobile versions. In this article, you will learn the basics to record skype calls without any interruptions.

What is the process to record Skype calls?

Before you try to record a Skype call for meetings you just need to make an HD video call or a random phone call to another person. Once you have made a connection, you can easily start to record the phone conversation. Just start to record calls by tapping on the “More” option followed by the button to “Start Recording”. Once the recording starts, the Skype application shows you the banner that tells everyone about the calls being recorded.

When the video calls are going on, you can record everyone’s video along with a shared desktop. When you have recorded Skype calls you have to select the option to “Stop recording”. Remember, the recording will be stored in the “Skype chat” window.

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Point to understand is that if you have forgotten to stop recording the calls on Skype then remember once the call is ended, Skype will automatically stop recording your calls. To find the recordings, you need to tap on the “Chats” option and then select the conversation that was recorded.

Members in your conversation will be able to view the Skype recordings, just save the file to your computer and share the recordings file with others. The recording is stored in the MP4 file format in the cloud storage for 30 days.

How to save your Skype call recordings?

It is important to remember that the Skype recording is saved for 30 days in cloud storage and after that, it will be removed from your Skype storage. Before those 30 days end you will be able to download the option to record the “Skype” meetings calls. To download the recording to the computer you need to firstly open the “Chats” and then select a specific conversation.

If you want to save the recording just choose the option “More Options” followed by a tap on “Save to downloads” in order to save the file to the “Downloads” folder. You can also select the “Save” option to save the file to a different location.  On your mobile device just tap and hold on the “Recording option and tap on the “Save” option to store the recorded file on your Camera roll.

How to share your Skype Recordings?

If you want to share the Skype recordings, you need to open the “Skype chats” window and choose the conversation that you wish to record. If you want to share the recording you have to tap on the “More options” followed by the “Forward” option.

On the mobile device, you have to tap and hold the recorded call and tap on the “Forward” option.

You will now see a “Forward Message” just type a message and enter the people to whom you want to share the message. Just open the “Done” when you are done completing the skype calls. On the mobile device, you have to tap on the “Send” option.

How to use Third-party applications to record Skype calls?

If you are using an older version of Skype application, then you will not have a provision to record the phone conversations along with the video meetings and conversion calls. In such instances, you need to use the third party app to do Skype calls and record the same.

In  a conclusive viewpoint: 

In the end, we hope that this article has given you enough insights to work and manage Skype calls and to use the application correctly. However, if you have any confusion or queries related to the topic then it is strongly suggested to visit the official Microsoft website and get information.

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