New Microsoft tools for greater productivity during COVID-19

The breakout of coronavirus has challenged the working world at a greater level. Prior to the coronavirus outbreak employees used to take work from home when they had some extra work or at the time of emergency. But nobody knew that there will be a time when all of us will need to work from home for such a long period.

Since most of us use Microsoft Office for accomplishing our tasks, therefore Microsoft has come with new tools, technology, and features to counter the challenges thrown at us by a coronavirus. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss those features that are released by keeping in mind the need of the hour.

Some new introductions to Microsoft Office

Microsoft Teams being utilized by many has given ways to Microsoft for introducing some new features to it:

  • Windows Virtual Desktop- this has given more scope to desktop management. Also, the management of apps has become easier.
  • Microsoft Endpoint Manager- this is a one-stop-shop for securing all the connected devices with the help of Azure AD and other features.
  • Microsoft Productivity Score- with this feature you become eligible to get deeper insights into how your team is working and you can keep an eye on them all the time.

Recent updates in Windows Virtual Desktop

Those who are using or planning to use Windows Virtual Desktop, there is a piece of good news for them. Microsoft has released some updates in it for enhanced user-experience and here is the list:

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  • Easier to get started- now you can easily as well as quickly get started with it.
  • Azure portal- in it, there are enough management tools for managing the desktops as well as applications.
  • Auto-scaling- with this feature, you can easily integrate applications and information.
  • High security- as virtual desktops are used by many, Microsoft has introduced compliance and security features in it. It has introduced support for the distribution of databases across the devices present in different regions.
  • Upcoming features- Microsoft will soon release the support for remote meetings. It is soon going to release “A/V redirection”. This feature can be used during video conferencing which will ultimately enhance audio and video qualities.

Some more features

Other than the updates and features mentioned above, Microsoft has released some more features which are helping employees specifically IT employees to continue their work from home more productively:

  • Tenant attach- the feature allows you to attach the files or Intune tenants on the desired locations. Microsoft is soon going to release several troubleshooting tools that allow you to facilitate your information and work in a better way.
  • App delivery- it has also made app delivery easier so that people can easily access the apps at their endpoints.
  • Improved Microsoft Edge- there will be improved features in Microsoft Edge. Now, you can easily and quickly integrate apps from Google Play Store and Apple App Store in it.

Other than this, there are several other features introduced by Microsoft for all the IT employees who are working remotely. So, if you are still not aware of these new capabilities in Office, then you must get the latest update of Office installed on your device to enjoy these new features.

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