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Learn the basics to activate office setup using the product activation key without errors.

Office My Account – let’s get you started

Setting up an account is an essential part of using online platforms, services, and subscriptions. The same happens to be the case with Microsoft Office. From purchasing to activating your subscription, having a Microsoft account is necessary.

Once you create an account via, accessing the services related to Microsoft Office becomes easier. For such purposes, it is recommended to navigate This is your one-stop destination either you wish to create your account or directly log in to your account.

In case you don’t have an account, you won’t be able to use a number of Microsoft services. In addition to this, your account lets the service provider have a piece of complete knowledge about your identity. In the upcoming section, we will learn about the importance of having an Office account.

Why should you have an Microsoft Office account?

  1. 01) Your Office account has all the details about the products you have purchased.
  2. 02) You can easily change your account-related information using this single account.
  3. 03) With this account, you can easily share your subscription with other family members.
  4. 04) It plays an essential role in getting started and using your subscription for the first time.
  5. 05) You can use this account i.e., to use other Microsoft services as well such as Skype, Xbox, OneDrive, etc.
  6. 06) Users can easily buy an Office application that did not come with their purchased plan with this account.
  7. 07) This account is needed at the time of renewing or reinstalling your product.
  1. 08) Necessary to get official as well as professional technical support.
  1. 09) This is needed at the time of redeeming your product key.
  1. 10) Once your account gets linked to your subscription, you can directly download your purchased products on your device.

What is

This is the official URL for creating and accessing the pre-existing Microsoft account. In case you do not have an Office account, then you should immediately create a new one by navigating to this URL. For signing in, all you need to do is visit this website and tap on the Sign In button.

Users should also note that, if they are having an account at Skype, Xbox, OneDrive, or Microsoft, they need not create a new account. In case you do not have an account on these, then you must create a new one by following the instructions given here.

Easy steps to create a new Office account

Make sure you follow these instructions carefully to avoid hassles during the account creation process. The sign-up steps are as follows:

  1. 01) Firstly, navigate to from your browser.
  2. 02) Now, the Microsoft account login page will open.
  3. 03) Here, you need to tap on ‘No account? Create one!’.
  1. 04) In the first sign up page, enter your email ID and tap ‘Next’.
  2. 05) Further, you will see the registration page where you need to enter all the personal details.
  3. 06) Also, you need to set up a password that cannot be guessed by anyone.
  1. 07) After this, click ‘Next’ or click ‘Submit’
  2. 08) Further, you need to enter the verification code for the purpose of verifying your account.

Once your account gets verified, you should note the login credentials somewhere or try to remember it for future reference.

Steps to login to

Make sure you have the account login credentials with you and also ensure that you are using only those credentials that you have set up during the account creation process.

  1. 01) In the first step, you need to go to the home page of the Office.
  2. 02) After this, click on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  3. 03) You will be redirected to the Microsoft login page.
  4. 04) On the page that appears, enter your username, phone number, or email address. This should be the same that you used during the sign-up process.
  5. 05) After this, tap ‘Next’ and the password page will open.
  6. 06) Further, enter the password you used with this email address and then click ‘Next’.

Now, you have successfully logged in to your account and you can now use various functions or edit the information as well.

Can’t log in? Fix the issue now

At times, a user feels helpless when he cannot log in to his account. This might be happening because of several reasons. You might be entering the password incorrectly or the password you are using to login does not belong to the account you are trying to log in. If you cannot remember which password you use with this particular account, you should reset your password, and here’s how you can do this.

  1. 01) From the page, tap on the ‘Sign In’ button.
  2. 02) Enter the email address and tap ‘Next’ to open the password page.
  3. 03) On this page, select the ‘Forgotten your password’ option.
  4. 04) Now Microsoft will verify if it is you or not. For this purpose, you will receive a verification code.
  5. 05) This code needs to be entered on the verification page after which you need to follow some easy prompts to set up a new password.

These were some of the important details related to Office My Account. Hopefully, you have gathered this information and followed it correctly. In case of an issue, try repeating the procedure once again but carefully.

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