How to get the multiple MS Office versions on a single device

There are many problems that might occur when you try to run multiple versions of MS Office applications and tools such as file associations, equations, editor, shortcut bars along with many other problems. It is always best to stick the one version of Microsoft Office on your computer. If you are using the latest version then it will save most of your time. Remember, the older versions of MS Office are not able to open the files that are created with the latest versions of MS Office.

If you only wish to run more than one version of Office then there are steps you can take to minimize the problems that you are running. It is important to understand that you cannot install both 32 bit and 64 bit of the MS Office versions. The Microsoft Office might install the 32 bit by default on the computer. So, MS Office is a great resource to opt for the 64-bit version. Here in this article, you will get to learn how you can install the multiple versions of MS Office one a single PC or computer.

How to install the early versions of Office before later versions?

If you wish to install the MS Office 2007 and MS Office 2010 on the same device then remember a few things. With every installation, you will get the shared programs, registry keys, file extensions, and other specific programs. This process will be the same for every Office version. If you are one of those who are trying to get the non-updated version of MS Outlook then this setup program will help you to install the other Office versions that you have installed earlier.

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You can now prompt to select, keep the programs, and remove the earlier versions. According to some of the users when you are installing the multiple versions of MS Access application. It just depends on how the Office suite is prepared and you may or may not be able to do this. In such cases, you can easily use one version of Office to MS Office for more perspective.

Earlier versions have inserted OLE objects by default

With MS Office, the OLE or Object linking and embedding document elements from the programs other than the one you are working in are inserted by default. However, if you are just trying to insert the Object linking and embedding document elements than it will be formatted to the latest versions of Office without any regards to the Office version you are currently working on.

Microsoft Office support assistant if necessary

If you have clear thoughts that you want to go for a multi-version installation without any interruptions then you need to make sure that you have performed a backup for files. However, you always need to be prepared with keys or installation codes.

In a conclusive viewpoint:

In the end, we just hope that by now you are able to install multiple versions of MS Office on one device. If you are still unable to install multiple versions of MS Office on your PC or computer then we recommend you visit the official website and get assistance to resolve the related queries.

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