A comparative analysis of Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

We all are aware that it is the need of the hour to work from home. Therefore, several organizations have started to adopt new methods to collaborate with each other. IT-enabled working organizations cannot go without connecting with each other every now and then. So, to tackle this situation gracefully, most of them are making use of Microsoft Teams. You can easily download an Office product which includes Teams as one of its products.

By looking at the seriousness of the situation, other software manufacturing brands have also stepped forward and developed apps and software similar to Teams. One such app that is gaining popularity for collaborating and communicating online is the app known as Zoom. Not only business organizations are using it, but it is being used by educational institutes to deliver online lectures to students. So, here in this article, we are going to make a comparative study on the key differences between the two i.e. Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

What is ‘Microsoft Teams’?

It is a platform developed by Microsoft that lets you collaborate and communicate simultaneously. The platform lets you manage the workflow on a greater level. You can easily conduct online meetings, engage in a group chat, and make audio or video calls. Other than this, you can share files and also let others work on the same task. In simple words, we can say that it is a platform that is helpful in connecting together in a single spot. In the next section, we will learn a few points about Zoom.

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What is Zoom?

We can say that it is a cloud platform that works similarly to Microsoft Teams. Moreover, it is gaining high popularity +since lockdown. By using it, people can connect themselves to video or audio conferencing. On the other hand, you can easily chat and conduct online meetings. Therefore, now let us learn about the major differences between the two.

Key differences between Teams and Office

Features- while speaking about the basic features in the two, we can say that there’s not much difference between them. Both allow you to chat, conference, as well as share files. But Teams have been ruling in this industry for a long time.

User Interface- Zoom is beating Microsoft Teams in this particular feature. Its user-interface is quite simpler as compared to Teams where there is a complicated interface. On the other hand, Zoom offers broader surface areas for task management which are not the case with Teams.

Conference Rooms- both support dual-screen rooms. But in Zoom, there is an option for people counting. Whereas, Teams have a proximity detection system.

Pricing- if you wish to use the basic features of the app, then you can use the free version of both. But to use the advanced features, there are also paid plans. Their price is also quite similar.

Which one is better?

We cannot clearly make out any major differences between the two as both of them are renowned platforms. Both serve the basic purposes of the user. When you go to pick one among the two, the choice is completely yours. All you need to do is make sure that it is serving the purpose for which you are going to pay. It is recommended to use the free version of both before making a final decision.


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