Comprehensive details on the latest updates in Microsoft 365

If you are using Microsoft 365, then you must be aware of the fact that such users always get their hands on the latest updates from Microsoft. Frequent software updates are offered to them as compared to Office 2019 users. 

In fact, this latest version of Microsoft Office tends to get more feature updates, bug fixes, and security updates than others. 

In this scenario, subscribers have more benefits if we compare it to non-subscribers. But, sometimes it becomes quite hard to keep track of all those updates. So, if you also wish to get your hands on the latest updates as soon as they are rolled out, then you may turn on the auto-update feature. 

Here are the summaries of the updates to Microsoft 365

These updates took place over the months of August and July. So, if you have missed out on any update, you can immediately update your software before it’s too late.

Update Version 2007 (Build 13029.20344): this update was released on 11 August 2020 includes 13 security updates. In this update, you will get to experience Remote Code Execution Vulnerabilities. This is available for the users of Excel, Access, and the complete Office suite. 

The information disclosure vulnerability is also fixed in this version of the update. This is specifically done for Excel, Word, Outlook, and other Office apps. Some other small bugs are also fixed, specifically the one that caused some problems in Outlook. 

This build also fixes several small bugs, including one that caused Outlook to fail to retrieve search suggestions, and another that caused devices to occasionally crash when retrieving personal information from Outlook. Since this is a security update, hence users need to ensure they install this update by navigating to as soon as possible. 

Update Version 2007 (Build 13029.20308): this update was released on 30 July 2020. With this update, a lot of new features were added to Microsoft Office suite. Other than this, it also includes certain bug fixes. The new features which are added to Office include the creation of pivot tables from datasets in Power BI. This made it easier for excel users to create tables. 

Additionally, now you can import and refresh data from PDF in Excel. With this update installed on their device, users can now create polls with the ‘Quick Poll’ option. This option is available for the Outlook users. 

Earlier, users could not reopen items from the previous session in Outlook but now this option is specifically available for those users.

What’s new in PowerPoint, Word, and Teams

In these two apps of Microsoft Office, now users can auto-apply sensitive labels or choose from the recommended ones. Other than this, Microsoft Teams has also undergone some updates which simplified the notification settings. Now, you can also disable previews for notification of your chat which was lacking in the earlier versions. 

So, what are you waiting for?

If you wish to get these updates on your device, then install the latest version of Office now and get going with the recent trends in technology.

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