Let’s get you introduced to the latest collaborative features in OneDrive

Today we are going to learn about the innovations that took place in OneDrive.

Microsoft on July 1, 2020, shared with us a piece of good news about how we can enhance our collaborative skills by using Microsoft OneDrive and improve the rate of productivity.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft keeps rolling updates to its apps and suites. And this time, it is happening with none other than OneDrive.

It made me awestruck when I got to read about it. Therefore, I wish to share the details of the same with you so that you can also get benefit from it.

We have reached the mid of 2020 and still, we are struggling with a coronavirus pandemic.

But, instead of mourning about it, we should take this time as an opportunity to unfold the new possibilities in life.

Now, you must be wondering what made me speak about this topic.

Well, it will be disclosed later in the article and hence you should continue reading it to know what’s hidden in the treasure for you.

To be clear, we shall be discussing the latest features in OneDrive one by one.

With that said, let’s jump right into knowing about these points and making the best use of them.

Latest innovations in OneDrive

The first to come in this category is ‘Teams Sharing Integration’. By this term, we can easily make out that it would be similar to using Microsoft Teams.

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One would be able to create and share links of the files and ask others to edit the same file for you just like we do in Teams.

Secondly, we will also witness ‘synced metadata support’. With this, we mean that our files will be more compliant than ever.

Surprisingly, we would be allowed with the capabilities to read and write the sync for the files shared with us.

The next innovation we will speak about here is ‘moving and sharing files’.

To regulate the workflow of a task given to us, it is important to keep the files moving by sharing them with the required personnel.

To our surprise, this feature would be now seen in Microsoft OneDrive.

Innovations in terms of flexibility

Fortunately, Microsoft has launched some more features making OneDrive more flexible.

When we speak about flexibility, the first thing that comes to our mind is storage space. Yes, you guessed that right.

OneDrive is now available with an upload file size limit of up to 100 GB. This feature is not only available in OneDrive but SharePoint as well.

But more important than that is the feature to enable or disable the comment notification.

Most of the notifications that we receive while working on a task, can be a mere distraction. But, this all-new feature is enough to keep you on track.

What’s more?

Other than this, you are also provided with the option to sync admin reports leading to strong monitoring and auditing process.

To strengthen your file protection, Microsoft has taken measures to ensure that your files do not go in the wrong hands.

You will be able to implement strong multi-factor authentication policies such as OTP and so on.

So what are you waiting for? Get the updates installed and enjoy these features at your fingertips.


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