Easily integrate Microsoft Teams and your phone

For a successful remote collaboration, establishing end-to-end communication is the most essential thing. However, this communication is not possible if you do not have a proper means for it. 

Nowadays, in the remote working sector, most of the people rely on Microsoft Teams for establishing successful formal communication. But, have you ever wondered what if you could use this feature on your phone as well?

Whether you need to get in conversation with your teammates or people from another business, Teams have always got your back. The emergence of the coronavirus pandemic has given way to the development of an effective means of communication that can take place from anywhere. 

Well, the integration of Teams with your smartphone has made employees capable of engaging in a conversation even if they do not have their PCs nearby. So, now we would see how this integration is going to prove helpful to you. 

Why choose Microsoft Teams?

As we already know, Microsoft Teams has proven to be the backbone of any business during the time of the pandemic. Most of the organizations needed to shift their official work to their living spaces. At that time, Microsoft Teams served most of its purposes.

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However, one feature was missing from that i.e. calling. Users could not make calls to landline numbers as well as mobiles. But, the user’s wait ends here with the feature to integrate both Teams and mobiles. 

Be it their office phone or personal phone, they can move their mobiles into the cloud and make calls from the desired locations to the desired numbers. This integration has allowed long-distance calling, mobile calling, audio, and video calling. 

What will you get after integrating Teams and phone?

Other than all types of calling functions, you will be able to use other functions as well. You may hold the call whenever you want or transfer it to anybody else. Other than this, the call forwarding system is also available for the users. Not only this, but you will also be able to use the voicemail function. But, one should note that this feature is only available for cloud users. 

The user-interface developed for this purpose is easy-to-use and made in such a way that everyone can use it. The users need not be trained for the purpose of using this feature. 

You are also provided with two options to make calls. The first one is the ‘Phone system’ and the other one is ‘Direct Routing’. The first one allows you to call directly through Microsoft and the other one allows you to connect with everyone else. 

The latter one allows you to take the benefit of calling that too at affordable prices. Other than this, you can choose from different calling bundles. Other than this, you can also get local support in case you come across any trouble.

It is your one-stop destination

For making any kind of communication possible, you may consider this as your one-stop destination. You will get all the much-needed calling features in one place along with customization functions. But, there is one catch, if you opt for an individual plan, you will have to pay a huge amount. 

So, would you choose Teams calling or not? Well, you can and opt for a plan that suits you the most. It has multiple calling functions that are much-needed by any user for engaging in effective communication. Also, if you wish then you may not opt for this option and simply go by using Microsoft Teams as it is.


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