MS Office applications are now upgraded as Apple upgrades

We all know that there are only two things in Mac that can be primarily jealous of most of the MS Office users. Yes, it is the hardware and the spotlight search functions that have bloomed with flying colors. The windows operating system is now getting a ginormous upgrade for Windows search with a tool that is known to be the “PowerToys” run that is launched on this Tuesday.

However, this tool is established on a very early stage and now only it claims to have a search box that can be easily put along with the Start menu and the Windows key+R shortcut.

The new tool was recently announced by the Microsoft team of developers and the announcement was virtual due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Other highlights do include the new Google doc like the feature that is specially curated for Office and some of the Microsoft Edge browser updates. With the help of the new search tool pops that come on your screen with a question box such as the “Spotlight” tool. It now starts with the “Alt-space “ tap shortcuts and it is insanely fast at searching for the relevant files and programs.

Remember, it’s the fastest way than you do in the Windows search tool for searching the relevant files and folders.

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The release is in the beta for now and it starts with the number zero that indicates you to expect the bugs invasion. Moreover, the not so friendly name of the tool did not give that away, you just have to install the program from GitHub that is separated from a framework on which you can run the “Power Toys” and other open-source software that runs.

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Microsoft is hence promising to make the PowerToys app to run impressively. It will take the shape of a catch-all launcher tab that Microsoft claims to start for every kind of query. For instance, it can easily run the search queries over the internet for the casual users with the browsers of your choice and during this, you can fully replace the “windows key+R” shortcuts for the power users who will be easily able to use all the commands that they have become familiar with.

How the MS Office update will work for you?

In today’s times, the Windows search is a confusion for the users for searching with Start menu search and Cortana and Win+R tabs and you have limited options. For instance, you can search the internet with the help of Windows search however it will only redirect you to Bing for every search and only using the MS Office Edge browser.

In order to improve the experience, the MS Office is a combination of its tools and opening development to the masses with open source code. The possibilities are very much limited that are relevant to Windows power users. Moreover, the PowerToys tool has some features that include the ability to restructure the shortcuts of the keyboards that you can easily try on the Mac operating systems.

Final Thoughts:

The users of Windows need not worry and get jealous of the Mac operating system as with such updates you can easily and efficiently work without any hassle. Just wait for more information about the recent updates on Windows applications.

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