The Apple iOS 14 to come up with Windows Phone live tiles

Nowadays, Microsoft has shown the future of mobile with the home screens available with Windows. It is known as Live tiles that were animated widgets which are the same as live features. Somewhere we always wished for an Apple phone with live tiles and this dream came true.

Apple’s new overhauled iOS 14 home screen is finally here and it enables the lively widgets for the apps that appear on the home screen. This is the final addition to the new iPhone that you have been missing on the Windows phone.

On the Windows phone, the most unique feature is the Live tiles and they enabled the apps to show the relevant information available on the home screen. Remember, you can easily pin almost everything to the home screen and the live tiles are animated beautifully to flip over and provide the tiny bits and pieces of the information that made your phone feel far more personal and lively to use.

The Live tiles feature is a core part of the Windows phones and it also lets you have a look at the home screen to get information such as weather forecast and other traffic information.

What is more to discuss about the Live tile feature on Apple?

Apple has kept the home screen similar to how the iPhone was originally launched. There are minor changes such as dock changes, the static row of apps, and other sub-menu changes that are not really bothered by the users.

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iPhone users have been calling the better home screen and even created the concepts of iOS 8 similar to iOS 14. In the concepts of the new iPhone is attempted to mix the best of Android system and Windows Phone live tiles.

Generally, the developers of Apple have taken time to consider the options for accessing the home screen in iOS 14 along with the implementation using the Apple company. Apple will allow the widgets to be added to the home screen on iOS 14. Every new widget gallery does act as a central place for the users to add the customized widget.

Future predictions:

One of the main reasons the users miss Windows Phone when it is pushed by both Google and Apple. The MS prompted Apple to respond with iOS 7 with such bright colors, playful transitions, and another simplified interface. The Windows phone has influenced iOS and Android software. The users are all set to create a better home screen for iPhone devices. Remember, the windows phone might be dead but the Live tiles feature is what you will have to wait for and look further for the same to get upgrades and use the device.

Wrapping up:

In the end, we strongly recommend you to wait for the iOS new version of the software and get the latest upgrades to avail the best in quality features. Moreover, there are many different features that you can get along with the latest Apple collaboration with Office software.

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